Night Physics

by Birdwatching

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gravychris It's just a good ass rock album with fantastic vocal harmonies. Favorite track: Good Ice Breakers.
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Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios in Providence, RI.

Produced by Chris Piquette & Birdwatching

Cover art by Steph Allen.

Huge thanks to Morgan & Abby Soares, Steph Allen, BUNDLES, Stephanie Solari, and Ryan the Terrible!

Much love and appreciation to our parents, siblings, cousins, friends, and anyone making/supporting music in Boston.


released August 7, 2017

Recorded April 2017.

All rhythms, tones, and words by Birdwatching.

James - Percussion
Andrea - Vocals, Bass
Alex - Guitar, Vocals

© 2017 Birdwatching


all rights reserved



Birdwatching Boston, Massachusetts

nervous underdog pop

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Track Name: Good Ice Breakers
Falling out and growing apart makes me not as fond of heart.

Keep two eyes on the road just don't lose control of the wheel.

I'll send all my words through the post, here's one last for the road just to let you know that I'll always live near to the coast, but I'm already two states away.

Read the words you wrote my hands are over my ears so I don't hear heavy words for casual conversation.

Retrospect is 50/50.
Track Name: Duckface
Do you think about me when you're going to sleep, do you think about me when you should be dreaming?

Falling asleep is hard because I'm thinking about you all of the time - like catholic guilt you're on my mind.

Honestly I can't believe how long the passing time goes.

Are you listening to me?

Why are you always the one tugging at my heart strings leaving me hanging?

I know that I'm the one always waiting and I know that I'm the one overplaying.
Track Name: A Little Aggressive But Okay
Looking at you from under glass, an aquarium that I often pass.

Mom says, "these things take time, but for now go outside."

These ligaments are like loose strings, they get everywhere on everything.

Dad says, "why can't you be like other girls? You're just alright."

Who are you to tell me to choose?

Keep your hearing open, learn by vision.

Mind your mannerisms, watch your diction.

I don't mind your native nomenclature - "don't quit yet, not until you see me - you're worth more money."
Track Name: Yes, Regrets
I hope someday I'll be a dead poet that somebody somewhere reads. I've got a fragile spine with a tar pen and ink for eyes.

I pray someday I can be a martyr with no teeth so I know I've given everything.

I hope someday I'll be like back in the Spring of 2003, because after the repeat of last weekend on my feet I'm on the edge of my seat.

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