Leaving Sounds

by Birdwatching

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Recorded and mixed by James Trout in Stoughton/Allston between Nov '15 and Feb '16.

Huge thanks to Morgan Soares, James Trout, Sean Reid, and Ryan the Terrible!

Much love and appreciation to our parents, siblings, cousins, friends, and anyone making/supporting music in Boston.


released February 26, 2016

All rhythms, tones, and words by Birdwatching.

James S - Percussion
Dre N - Vocals, Bass
Al Z - Guitar, Vocals

© 2016 Birdwatching
All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Birdwatching Boston, Massachusetts

nervous underdog pop

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Track Name: Plot Holes in a Franchise
Movie makers projecting visions on silver screens and speakers,
it's not the industry that's failed you

Don't be settled with films about dinosaurs and other 20th century impressions of other worlds

The industry won't make your dreams a shot for shot remake, a scene for scene reimagining - no novelization after the screen
Track Name: Internet Killed the Video Store
The sharpest minds are dull in silence
The hippest kids negate the violence
The most elite speak, the words are timeless
The ones who stay clean, they're the wisest

There's only one way to handle the violence
But I broke my stereo and lost my tapedeck

Analog's a sense of what we know
Digital was made for on the go
Track Name: League of Excellency
Holding out for a place in the sun kills my complexion
We're on track for a fleeting summer

Why do you have to be so tired all the time?
The morning is a cruel endeavor

Oblivion turns me on, and I still get lightheaded
Hey, do you mind if I snap a shot of the skyline?

Later on, will you excuse me?
I've got obligations to attend, presence expected!
They don't have patience to wait; I've got reservations at stake
Track Name: It Takes Two to Tangent
So this is how it's going to be, I can tell you nothing because you know everything
And I know I'm the fool for ever getting into the only thing that's ever ruined me
And you rewrite yourself like history books and you are the victor of the situational pull

Lest we forget you recruited me - wearing your teams colors underneath, before they suited me - on a losing streak
If I had a nickel for every promise you made me the victim of a generational view I'd need a mint to stack my money

And this is how the books will look in the future and we concede the past
Give me an easy way out - two palms, ten digits, two appendages; hanging around my neck forcing me red